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Ellie’s secrets and Mindset and me to start awareness of children and dog’s, especially outside in public areas.

As we become a nation of dog lovers and dog populations in the UK are at the highest ever right now, problems and serious issues are starting to come to light also. We have witnessed some shocking behaviour from people just being blatantly ignorant to the fact that a lot of children/adults are fearful of all or strange dog’s and this needs to stop!!

Now, statistic shows that most dog attacks happen in the home on human/dog attacks, however, we are heading quickly into these statistics changing and that is a scary thought!

What we forget as adults/dog owners are that not every child is ok with dogs, not every adult is either and even if you see a child walking their own dog doesn’t mean that child isn’t scared of strange dog’s!!

The biggest issues we face at the moment is dog’s off lead in public areas and nothing seems to be getting better. A lot of the time I hear ‘my dog wouldn’t hurt a fly’ that may be so but would your dog react out of fear?? Because a child reacting and adults arguing is the perfect recipe for fear.

Together we can all help this situation by just being more aware of other people and other dogs in your area.

Meet Ellie from “Ellie’s Secrets” who has kindly shared pictures for us to use on the website. This amazing young lady is the reason behind this passion project and we are going to do everything we can to help her.

All Ellie wants to do is go to her local park and not be faced with off lead dogs running up to and around her……we can’t imagine how Ellie feels but we can help her to enjoy her outdoor playtimes.

This is a passion project between Canine Understanding, In Vogue Designs, Ellie’s Secrets and Mindset and Me with no profit made at all in a hope to help build awareness and to try to protect both children and dogs!

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