I don’t know why I have stopped blogging about Down Syndrome Awareness this year and life with Ellie and I don’t understand why it has been so difficult to start writing again. I guess the fear of saying the wrong thing, the fear of someone else’s opinion, the fear of it being a waste of time especially in lockdown…but that must stop, so I am BACK and going forward I will be writing a mix of Down Syndrome Awareness/Facts blogs and personal blogs. This will be a personal one.

Lockdown life, 2020 has not been what we all had hoped and wished for at the start of the year. Covid, pandemic, lockdown, masks, home schooling and more were words I didn’t want to be using on a regular basis….and that’s not forgetting ‘unprecendented’ but as we, England are in Lockdown 23 I wanted to share how we as a family have survived so far.

Life in 2020

I could easily start with, we survived with wine… but let’s go back to the beginnng March 2020 when the news was bleak and the death toll and cases for Covid were rising. I recall the night I chatted to Jason, my husband, about considering the option of taking Ellie and Billy, her brother out of school earlier than anticipated. It was a huge decision and one not taken lightly. Ellie has a low immune system and we worried that should she catch Covid, she would struggle but it also meant that as a family it would mean restrictions on who we could see and where we could go.

Lockdown; The Beginning

At the beginning it was fairly easy, Ellie enjoyed being at home, the weather was nice and we often stayed in the garden. But as the days turned into weeks, we realised that we needed to get into a routine, stop what felt like the ‘All Inclusive holiday’ and get Ellie and Billy into some routine. Home schooling at the time was hit and miss with lots of free resources and activities being shared out on social media but the long and short of it, was it was hard work.

Lockdown and Anxiety

One thing that did hit the family and became transparent as the weeks turned into months was that we were all struggling with anxiety. Ellie felt it the most as everytime we left the home just for a short walk she literally wanted to get back home as soon as she could. One day trip to Southport, when we could trave,l lasted a full 40 minutes and ended in tears. Walks in the woods didn’t last long either given there was plenty of dogs off leads running up to Ellie and this increased her fear, so we pretty much stayed at home.

Lockdown and The Positives

I don’t know about you, but there has been positives that I couldn’t have anticipated. More family time, actually missing family. Both children getting used to more technology in the shape of Zoom. Ellie’s ambassador work with charities helped her appear on This Morning and she has become a published author
She won her school award for Progress as she left primary and has started High School successfully. We really are starting to see her grow into a confident woman.

It hasn’t been an easy year that’s for sure but lockdown life with Down Syndrome has been an eye opener and we have made the most of what we can. Who knows what 2021 has to offer but I will definitely share more with you as we go along and to be kept up to date with even more stuff, do join our new subscription

Until then

Merry Christmas
Sharon and Ellie x

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