Welcome to the next generation for Down Syndrome Awareness

My name is Sharon and I am mum to two, full time carer to Ellie and currently on a mission to educate advocate and support Down Syndrome Awareness.

When I had Ellie in 2009 her diagnosis was a huge shock after birth. I had never heard of Down Syndrome, I didn’t know what it was and the future back then did not look rosy, with the material I was reading.

Fast forward to today and through everyday real life experience, through the amazing Down Syndrome communities and through Ellie’s friends and family the future could not be more brighter for both Ellie and others.

Some people have an awareness of Down Syndrome and are beginning to see the person first, the ability not the disability. Yet there is still such so much more that needs to be done to change people’s perceptions and have an inclusive society and that is why I chose to start this website.

The website’s intention is not only to discuss awareness but will contain blogs, success stories to inspire young adults with Down Syndrome to believe in themselves and to other carers who maybe in shock with the same diagnosis as I was.

I hope you enjoy the site and if you would like to stay in touch wih us, sign up to the newsletter.

Thank you for being here
Sharon & Ellie 🙂

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